Blend x The Hunt

Blend Magazine asked me to write and illustrate a ten page article about The Huntfor their international edition. See the entire article here, and a full text version here. .

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"The world of hunting is one of contrasting and seemingly incompatible  concepts. On one hand, it involves peace, quiet, dedication, study, lots of patience, and usually a sincere love of nature and all its animals. On the other, it involves a drive to kill, a high tolerance of blood and gore, and the utter absence of sentimentality.

My first hunt was actually a bloodless one, which made for a very gentle introduction to hunting. Sitting in a tree stand until the sun went down, spotting but not shooting wildlife, was frustrating in a way: I couldn’t take the pictures I had come for, and wanted action. Yet it taught me a humbling lesson in patience and dedication. If you’re going to shoot a deer, you do it right. You only shoot it if you’re sure it’s of the right sex, it doesn’t have babies, and you’re absolutely positive that you can kill it in a single shot. If these conditions aren’t met, you leave the beast be. I realized right away that hunting was not to be taken lightly. It is not simply a hobby, or something you do a few times. It’s dead serious."




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This is Heidi

Heidi was once the wife of a cruise ship captain. Now, her son manages one of Europe's largest cruise ships.Heidi enjoys traveling to sunny, faraway places and competitive ballroom dancing and owns a beautiful home, decorated in cruise ship style down to the last detail.


Marijke Helwegen

This is Marijke Helwegen. Marijke has claimed the title of 'Ambassador of Plastic Surgery',so she's something of a celebrity here in Holland. She is always happy, positive and energetic. Once, I was photographing a bridal fair, just because it seemed like a nicely perverted place to go, and I found her walking around with a film crew doing some promotional work. Obviously I was very impressed by her presence and I got their permission to take a few pictures. This must be one of the luckiest shots I've ever come across.

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