For those who are curious about my recent adventures in the Amazon: next Tuesday I'll be giving a talk about my project Isabella Hunts with a focus on my time with the native Brazilians, for Fotokroniek at Pakhuis de Zwijger. We'll talk about life, love and nausea in the jungle, and viewing new, unpublished work.

Start time: 20:00 / Duration: 1 hour inc. time for Q&A / Language: English / Entrance fee: €5 / reserve tickets here / Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger


For Vrij Nederland's summer issue we shot a series about the recent efforts that are made to save the black-tailed godwit, or grutto. This famous Dutch meadow bird's numbers have been dwindling at an alarming rate due to the destruction of their habitat. Scientists, government, businesses, and farmers are coming together to reverse the process, but the task ahead is daunting at best.

Isabella Hunts Goes Amazon

In all my life as a half-Brazilian, I have never visited the jungle proper. But now, I have the unique opportunity to live with a tribe of natives for three weeks in the Amazonian state Acre, near the Peruvian border, where I will spend day-to-day life with them, and go on as many hunts as I can to create the next chapter of my project  Isabella Hunts.

After five flights and a 7 to 20-hour boat ride—depending on water levels—and without electricity or running water, I'll be as offline as can be, so no new posts til I come out the other end! So what does one pack for such an adventure? Only the bare necessities of course. Plus plenty of nail polish. Haux!


Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

For the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Dutch hip-hop group De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, they published a book, which features photos I took of them while I followed them on the road.


Quote Magazine

Quote sent me out to cover the gatherings of young supporters of the arts, at the classical ballet and a private viewing of the Rembrandt exhibit at the Rijksmuseum.

Dressing my First Deer

The finer points of the German hunting tradition explained, and how handling deer penis lead to the worst hangover of a lifetime: part 2 of my story about hunting in the German forest, as written for Vice Munchies.

"We tear back to the farm and Sjoerd mentions that he has received a text from his friend, who is stationed in a blind a couple of fields over. According to the text, Franz Joseph is down—”a joke, obviously,” he says. Finishing a hunt in a matter of 15 minutes rarely occurs, and we can hardly believe it just happened to us. But as we drive past his hunting blind, we notice the hunter’s car is gone. Why would he leave so soon if he hadn’t shot anything? And who is Franz Joseph anyway? When we get to the farm, we pull up to the garage. Every hunter is gathered around an enormous body suspended from the ceiling. The neck and head are draped on the floor while gargantuan antlers jut out across the room. Today was Franz Joseph’s last day. ... "

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Photo by Max Muller

Photo by Max Muller

Wild Boar Hunting in Germany

Read my latest Isabella Hunts story about hunting wild boar on Munchies. Learn about the mental challenges of boar hunting! Mysterious itching and infinite patience in the deep, dark, German forest.

"Hunting season is coming to an end so I’m going on one last big game hunt in Germany. I’ll be hunting deer, boar, and other large mammals with Sjoerd Evenhuis, a young guy who runs “Wild van Wild,” a company that turns wild animals into charcuterie, stews, and other delicacies and delivers them to high-end restaurants and stores in Amsterdam. Sjoerd is the first hunter I’ve met from my generation in Amsterdam. As I’ve mentioned before, hunting in Holland is hardly an urban (or youthful) affair, so it’s a rare pleasure to meet someone like him. And just like me, he’s in it for the food. ... "

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Vrij Nederland

For Vrij Nederland's entirely female-produced issue, I photographed cardiologist Hariëtte Verwey, who researches the differences between heart failure in women and men.