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Isabella Rozendaal (Amsterdam, 1983) is a documentary photographer. Her work is driven by contrast. Whenever possible, she tries to create images that are at once humorous and tragic, beautiful and awful, or sweet and provocative. The photo book has always been her medium of choice, and she has published several since graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts in 2007. Her books examine cultural phenomena in a wide scope. Although her work can be seen as cheeky and direct, she always tries to tell a nuanced story. She has a hot, burning passion for animals, travel, food, American culture, and old-time country music.

During the development of her current book project, Isabella Hunts, her interest in writing has come into play. This project about hunting cultures across the world has taken her on many travels, and into a culture that is closed off to most people. To better explain the nature of this controversial world, she writes magazine articles and plans to cover the world of hunting in written book form as well. She recently earned her second bachelor’s degree in English language, culture and linguistics at the University of Amsterdam.