Jockey club, Rio de Janeiro

The jockey club in Rio is a beautiful, huge place right in the middle of the city.It is also very accessible: anyone can walk in to place a cheap bet. The race horses are showed off in the gorgeous garden just before the race. This way the visitors can judge the horses before placing their bets. At this point, the animals are so hyper-energetic it's hard for their handlers to keep them from bolting.


I have to note: this first image isn't actually in Rio, this horse was my personal favorite in the ancient riding school in The Hague, where I rode for a few years during college.


When we visited the club we carefully examined each horse. Some were big, some fidgety, some had enormous pre-race hard-ons. We each chose a different horse and placed our bets, and between the four of us we didn't manage to make a single buck. Better luck next time...


The jockey club café is a great place for fruity caipirinhas, watching little old men going ape-shit over the races aired on its many tv-screens and fantastic black bean soup, by the way.


This last image is one of the horses right after it's done racing. They race at top speed in mid-summer tropical heat, and to prevent them from getting overheated when they're done they quickly remove both jockey and saddle and send it straight to the showers.

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