Blend x The Hunt

Blend Magazine asked me to write and illustrate a ten page article about The Huntfor their international edition. See the entire article here, and a full text version here. .

blend hunter cover

"The world of hunting is one of contrasting and seemingly incompatible  concepts. On one hand, it involves peace, quiet, dedication, study, lots of patience, and usually a sincere love of nature and all its animals. On the other, it involves a drive to kill, a high tolerance of blood and gore, and the utter absence of sentimentality.

My first hunt was actually a bloodless one, which made for a very gentle introduction to hunting. Sitting in a tree stand until the sun went down, spotting but not shooting wildlife, was frustrating in a way: I couldn’t take the pictures I had come for, and wanted action. Yet it taught me a humbling lesson in patience and dedication. If you’re going to shoot a deer, you do it right. You only shoot it if you’re sure it’s of the right sex, it doesn’t have babies, and you’re absolutely positive that you can kill it in a single shot. If these conditions aren’t met, you leave the beast be. I realized right away that hunting was not to be taken lightly. It is not simply a hobby, or something you do a few times. It’s dead serious."




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