Squirrel stew

This was honestly the best meal I've had here in Louisiana. Squirrel season just opened up here and people are having cookouts everywhere. In Ville Platte, schools even shut down for a few days because the hunt is so popular. I had my reservations when it came to squirrel, but it was truly delicious. It tasted more like fowl than rabbit, not too gamy, juicy, tender and flavored just right. Squirrel stew

Shoot a couple of squirrels (when in season). Skin, gut & clean them and chop them up. Brown them in some butter or oil in a Dutch oven. Remove the squirrel, and fry some chopped onion, bell pepper, and perhaps a little celery. Add the squirrel and chopped smoked sausage (andouille will do just fine). Let the squirrel simmer on a low heat, adding water as needed, until tender. About four hours should do it. Season to taste and serve with rice and homemade coleslaw.

squirrel girl
squirrel stew