Wild Boar Hunting in Germany

Read my latest Isabella Hunts story about hunting wild boar on Munchies. Learn about the mental challenges of boar hunting! Mysterious itching and infinite patience in the deep, dark, German forest.

"Hunting season is coming to an end so I’m going on one last big game hunt in Germany. I’ll be hunting deer, boar, and other large mammals with Sjoerd Evenhuis, a young guy who runs “Wild van Wild,” a company that turns wild animals into charcuterie, stews, and other delicacies and delivers them to high-end restaurants and stores in Amsterdam. Sjoerd is the first hunter I’ve met from my generation in Amsterdam. As I’ve mentioned before, hunting in Holland is hardly an urban (or youthful) affair, so it’s a rare pleasure to meet someone like him. And just like me, he’s in it for the food. ... "

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