Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Dear folks, I am about to embark on adventure the likes of which I've never seen before. Those of you that know me are familiar with my anticipation anxiety - I've been working up to this trip for nearly two years now. But my plane is almost about to leave and I can't help but share my nerves. I'm going on an elk hunt. Elk stalking in the Rocky mountains is nothing like any hunt I've seen. We'll be on horseback from before dawn till after dusk, and grizzly bears are abundant wherever we go. My biggest fear is my horse being spooked by a bear, running off, and throwing me into a ditch halfway through its tantrum. I spoke to the hunters, and the bear you see in the illustration has just worked its way through a food trailer made up of nearly an inch of "bear proof" steel. In one of the camps where we'll be staying. I'm not afraid of animals unless I really need to, and I believe I'm in very capable hands, but you know - bears. I've packed for every possible scenario, but as rational as I might be, there seems to be no foolproof mental preparation for a situation like this. I'll just have to go along and enjoy the ride. Please, dear people, wish me luck. And I will promise to do my best to bring back gorgeous images. Frankly, it seems to me that not doing so is a virtual impossibility. I'm going to the freaking Rockies. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Elk stalking. It's actually happening. From next week on, I'll give you updates as frequently as I can.

I love you all.