Isabella Hunts Goes Amazon

In all my life as a half-Brazilian, I have never visited the jungle proper. But now, I have the unique opportunity to live with a tribe of natives for three weeks in the Amazonian state Acre, near the Peruvian border, where I will spend day-to-day life with them, and go on as many hunts as I can to create the next chapter of my project  Isabella Hunts.

After five flights and a 7 to 20-hour boat ride—depending on water levels—and without electricity or running water, I'll be as offline as can be, so no new posts til I come out the other end! So what does one pack for such an adventure? Only the bare necessities of course. Plus plenty of nail polish. Haux!


Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

For the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Dutch hip-hop group De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, they published a book, which features photos I took of them while I followed them on the road.


Quote Magazine

Quote sent me out to cover the gatherings of young supporters of the arts, at the classical ballet and a private viewing of the Rembrandt exhibit at the Rijksmuseum.

Amsterdam Writers Guild

For the past two years, I've been taking portraits of guest lecturers for the Amsterdam Writers Guild, ranging from student teachers to magazine editors and international, visiting published writers.

Daniel J. Cecil, author & editor for literary magazine Versal.

Daniel J. Cecil, author & editor for literary magazine Versal.

Jane Lewty, poet & scholar.

Jane Lewty, poet & scholar.

Wild Boar Hunting in Germany

Read my latest Isabella Hunts story about hunting wild boar on Munchies. Learn about the mental challenges of boar hunting! Mysterious itching and infinite patience in the deep, dark, German forest.

"Hunting season is coming to an end so I’m going on one last big game hunt in Germany. I’ll be hunting deer, boar, and other large mammals with Sjoerd Evenhuis, a young guy who runs “Wild van Wild,” a company that turns wild animals into charcuterie, stews, and other delicacies and delivers them to high-end restaurants and stores in Amsterdam. Sjoerd is the first hunter I’ve met from my generation in Amsterdam. As I’ve mentioned before, hunting in Holland is hardly an urban (or youthful) affair, so it’s a rare pleasure to meet someone like him. And just like me, he’s in it for the food. ... "

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Vrij Nederland

For Vrij Nederland's entirely female-produced issue, I photographed cardiologist Hariëtte Verwey, who researches the differences between heart failure in women and men.



This hunting season I got the cover of Volkskrant's Vonk, for a very interesting interview with wildlife biologist and hunter Geert Groot Bruinderink, who has an unusual take on the reasons behind hunting.



Vice Magazine now has a platform for food-inspired journalism: Munchies. In their column "hunter-gatherer", my first piece was just published on duck hunting with Dutch aristocrats. Check out the first article about duck hunting with Dutch aristocrats. Stick around for the next issue about duck sausage making!


Quote x Montenegro

Quote Magazine sent me to the coast of Croatia and Montenegro for a summer special. Here is a sneak preview of two rare Montenegrin beauties at the grand opening of a hotel in the local yacht harbor. More to follow!



Literary journal Cooper Street recently published my short story "The Hilton", a short piece about brain throbbing, eyeball awareness and other travel delights. Read the full story here!

9:04 PM. My flight was uneventful. No delays, no customs trouble, no luggage left behind. I wore my most comfortable airplane ensemble, repeatedly lathered my face with cream and hydrated constantly. Still, my brain feels swollen, throbbing numbly. A buzzing sound follows me across the airport terminal.

My glassy eyes will only focus the second after I squint them super hard, so I grind into them with my fists. I try to calculate how many hours I’ve been awake, but there’s a time difference I can’t figure out because I’ve been awake for however many hours it is I’m unable to calculate.

9:14 PM. In line at Avis Rent-A-Car. The light has the same sickly fluorescent glow now as at 4 AM, so even if my watch can tell what time it is, my body can’t. The only thing I’m really aware of is that my eyes are opened very widely. I stare at my green-hued reflection in the brown windows, blinking like an owl, until it’s my turn.

Who knows how long this takes—all of a sudden I’m facing a girl whose name I read off her tag and forget instantly. The light renders the color of her hair so drab I can’t put a name to it either. The girl asks me “Higoodeveninghowareyoutonightdidyouhaveaniceflight?”


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Read about my experience with competitive pie-eating and pig racing in the USA.

" ... buckets overflowing with the unchewed stomach contents of the weaker contestants. I am giddy with anticipation. I’m just a nine dollar fare away from honest-to-goodness, all-American peristaltic entertainment."

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Recipe: Crisp-Roasted Pork Belly with Caramelized Apples

You'll find the recipe below the story, just scroll down!


In order to celebrate their ten-year anniversary, Capricious Magazine made a photo book dedicated entirely to horses: High Tails. I am honored to have contributed four of my own horse photos to this publication. Other photographers include Dorothea Lange, Helmut Newton, Tim Flach, Nan Golding, Jill Greenberg, Ryan McGinley, Charlotte Dumas and many others. It's such a beautiful publication, even if I wasn't featured in it I would have bought it on sight. My compliments to publisher Sophie Mörner. You can order High Tails here.

Cover image by Beni Bischof

Cover image by Beni Bischof