Fishing for Vrij Nederland

Vrij Nederland sent journalist Thijs Broer and me out to do a story on sustainable fishing. We spent two days and nights on a boat along the North Sea coast, of which I spent the first 24 hours thoroughly nauseated. Despite that, it was one of the greatest editorial assignments I've ever done, and watching the water and skies turn every different color imaginable was worth being up at all hours.


Sea Palace

Sea Palace is a huge and famous Amsterdam restaurant, and I shot a reportage there for Parool Magazine. That day, a traditional Chinese wedding took place and homemade dim sum was served.


Documentary Film Show Reel

I'm having more and more fun with filming documentary topics: it's so nice to experiment in a new field! I made a quick show reel of the (attempts at) documentary filming I've done do far. Enjoy!

Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro I photographed the making of Rio Shock's music video "Moleque Transante" with Safadin Dancy, one of the finest dancers of the Carioca favelas.


I Graduated!

I just graduated and am now the proud holder of a second bachelor degree, in English Language and Culture!


I completed the first one, in photography, in 2007. After a few years, I got the language itch, and decided it was time to go to university and study English: language, literature, culture, linguistics, and academic research. My hunting project had a lot to do with this choice. Hunting culture is too complex to be shown through photography alone, and I completed my studies with a thesis on American hunting culture and literature:

"Chasing the Wilderness Experience: An Ecocritical Approach to Representations of the Romantic Hunter"


It is centered around the cultural construction of the wilderness experience, and traces the history of the idea from America's first pioneers, back to its roots in Romantic Europe, Medieval Europe, and ancient Greece. It also examines the influence of the frontier myth, the romanticized notion of the pioneer lifestyle. The text culminates in an analysis of modern day hunting literature: Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma and Ted Nugent's cookbook Kill It and Grill It, showing how the constructed image of the Romantic hunter is still at the core of the contemporary hunting experience. For those who are interested, you can download the full thesis here.

Vrij Nederland

Vrij Nederland featured an 8-page article about the deer surplus in the Waterleidingduinen, a nature reserve near Amsterdam. It's a very interesting read on a controversial topic. Forest ranger Jan-Piet showed me around, so I got to see the most beautiful areas of the park to take pictures for the article. I never saw so many deer!


Smoky Mountain Bluegrass

I proudly present my first short documentary, Smoky Mountain Bluegrass. Thanks goes out to Sandor van Veen for editing. Play at high volume, and enjoy!