Animalia Amsterdam is a project by photographer Isabella Rozendaal, commissioned by Stadsarchief Amsterdam. 

Throughout 2016/2017 she will be documenting the pets of Amsterdam in all their furry and feathered variety.

The photos will be included in the City Archive collection, and become part of Amsterdam history. 

The project will be presented in the form of an exhibition and photo book.

Would you like to include your pet in this project, or do you know someone with an interesting companion animal?

Please send us an email at 

Tell us about your pet and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

What's in it for you?

A portrait of your beloved pet!

How does it work?

We like to work closely with the pet owners to create an image that reflects the animal's character and personality.
We prefer to photograph them in action, in their natural surroundings, with love and a sense of humor. 

We hope to hear from you!