Tortilla time

Making tortillas is like making a sandwich: anything goes and they're hard to mess up. For this one I made garlicky yogurt eggplant withParmesan (recipe stolen from the great Nick Schonfeld), and added baba ghanoush, lettuce, grilled onions and peppers and fresh mint.


tortilla time .

Yogurt eggplant:

Fry a sliced eggplant in oil with finely minced garlic. Remove from heat and add plenty of Greek or Turkish yogurt (or any other 10% fat yogurt) and a handful of grated or flaky Parmesan cheese.


Spread some baba ghanoush or tahini on a warmed tortilla, cover with plenty of lettuce, slowly grilled onions and bell pepper. Top with the yogurt eggplant, lots of fresh mint, a squeeze of lemon and salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Or come up with your own variation, any vegetable lying around in your fridge will do. Fold it up burrito-style and tuck in!