Is a friend and a very good cook. He brightened a sad day with this gorgeous grilledherb stuffed trout with a homemade bearnaise sauce and rosemary potato mash. As a starter, we had deep fried smelt with a generous squeeze of lemon.


grilled herb stuffed trout fish recipe

This is how it goes according to Sander:

The trout was stuffed with herbs (fresh bay leaf, parsley, thyme) and grilled. Very nicely done and of course served with lemon. For the sauce: beat two egg yolks with some lemon juice and herb vinegar. Put on low heat and whisk in cubes of butter. Remove from heat, add salt and pepper and chopped dill or tarragon. We had the tarragon, it was great. The smelt is just shaken in a bag of flour, deep fried and served with lots of lemon. Very, very good.

deep fried smelt fish recipe