In eight short episodes, I share the incredible tale of Joana, who exchanged her life in the city for the Amazon, and take you along on my experience with tribal life. Stay tuned for all episodes!


"The Moa river is far more than a source of food and water; Nukini life is centered around it. The river is our road to the outside world. It's where we bathe, where we play, where we wash away our troubles. Nine-year-old Isaac teaches me how to play frogs and crocodiles, and we keep it up for hours on end.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or tired, being in the water improves my mood, drastically—even if I’m just doing the dishes. Sitting in the cool mud, surrounded by ducklings scavenging for leftovers, I scrub the pots and watch the glistening suds float away, along with my thoughts."

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