I have been desperate to visit Florida ever since I watched four seasons of Miami-set Dexter.At night I literally had dreams about pink and turquoise hotels, tropical foliage and neon lights. And what do you know: I got a job offer which involved shooting in various foreign countries. The client was open to suggestions, of course I proposed Miami - and they went for it!

Miami was everything I thought it would be and more. In a sense it seems to be a dead city: barely any life in the streets. Not so different from lots of other American cities, and not a place I'm tempted to live. But the look of this place is magical. Right now it's definitely in my top five favorite places to photograph: tropical but ultra American at the same time.

We took a quick trip down to Key Largo and it was stunning. The turquoise bridge that leads you there cuts through a gator infested wetland, with eagles soaring over it. Key Largo itself is somewhat dilapidated and gritty, which I love: even though every other building has a sunset painted on it, and even the churches are candy colored, it still doesn't feel like a Disney theme park. These two days driving around the Miami area were a horrible tease: I can't wait to go back.


miami plane 8282

starbucks by night 8371

miami beach 9839

bayside logo 8942

south dade lighting 8440

happy guy 8660

crocodile crossing 9427

key lime pie 9286

paradise pub 9230

manatee welcome 9270

fake clouds mountain 9448

sponge bob 8927

hotel hallway 8380

miami glitter 8316

Crossing the bridge from Key Largo to Miami