Mario scarf

I finally finished my Mario scarf! It took me a traumatic four years.Once, after about a year and a half, I finished the whole thing. I was so happy. But not even a week after finishing it, I managed to leave it on a train. I was inconsolable. But I got back on the horse and started knitting a second, better version. I made it for Freddy, it seemed safer to let someone else wear it, this way I wouldn't inevitably lose/dirty/ruin it somehow. Freddy decided on the fabric for the back and we finished it together in a backcramping but satisfying sewing marathon. We're very happy about it, it got finished just in time for the last bout of snow. I'll miss working on it, sewing and knitting really have a way of making time stand still altogether.

mario 1

mario 2

mario 3

mario 4

mario 5