Interview Kind Regards

Nice interview on Kind Regards blog:

"On your website it reads:Other interests include cowboys, pork, sweaty concerts, sunsets, and fruit.” People often describe interests in one word, or ready-made punch line like sentences. Could you elaborate a bit more on these interests?

I am very much intrigued by rural lifestyle, the US, rugged men, horses, animals, old country music and western movies. I guess cowboys just embody all of that. Plus they’re super sexy. What’s not to love? I’m working on a project about hunters at the moment, which will go on for at least a few years, and I’ll be very excited to embark on the US chapter of it.

I am obsessed with all things food, as you can see on my blog, and pork, to me, is the most magical of all meats. The taste of bacon goes insanely well with nearly anything, and the combination of pork and beans is divine to me. It’s humble, hearty peasant food, I could eat it everyday. The smell of melting pork fat and caramelizing onions drives me crazy. I think beef is much more boring and pretentious. Pork would be the hardest meat for me to live without. Sausage would be missed. Fruit is at the other end of the food spectrum, super healthy, fresh and delicious. You can indulge without feeling guilty. It even goes well with pork. I guess I’m saying I love pork, fruit and everything in between.