Bahn Mi


Finally, I found the perfect recipe for a vegetarian bahn mi! I love these Vietnamese sandwiches, but they are usually very meat-heavy, and most vegetarian versions just don't live up to the original. But the combination of roasted tempeh, red-hot kimchi and meaty pickled mushrooms is bananas, so you're way too busy to miss the meat.

Kimchi is a Korean cabbage pickle that's super easy to make yourself. I got my recipe from the Momofuku cookbook (one of my favorites), where I also got the mushroom pickling recipe, which comes down to this: boil dried mushrooms in a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar with sugar to taste until soft. Slice them up and keep them in the cooking liquid. The other pickle is just julienned daikon and carrot in vinegar with sugar and salt. You can use rice, cider, sherry or wine vinegar.


Layer a sandwich roll (don't get high quality, sturdy bread, it should be crunchy but very light) with:

-Spring onion

-Fried tempeh slices (with a little salt or soy sauce)
-Mushroom pickles
-Pickled daikon & carrot